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  DTN Weekly Average DDG Price Continues Higher
  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies at 87 09/19 08:08
  McConnell Vows Quick Vote on Justice 09/19 08:18
  Bill to Prevent Shutdown Held Up 09/19 08:03
  DHS Whistleblower Not Ready to Testify 09/19 08:14
  Iran Vows 'Hit' After US Kills General 09/19 08:17
  CDC Drops Controversial Testing Advice 09/19 08:06
  More Migrant Women Didn't OK Surgery 09/19 08:12
  US Stocks Fall; Market Down 3rd Week 09/18 16:07
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@C0Z 378'2 3'2
@S0X 1043'6 15'0
@W0Z 577'2 18'6
@O0Z 283'2 10'4
MSFT 200.390000 - 2.520000
WMT 135.290000
XOM 37.190000

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