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Gold-N-Kennel dog food  10/04/12 11:57:54 AM

602805 Gold N Kennel
Performance dog food is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of active, hard-working dogs and the economic demands of their owners. High levels of meat ingredients, along with poultry fat, help create a diet that is palatable, energy-dense and highly digestible. "No frills" packaging assures that you pay for what really counts-the food inside the bag.
  27% 3-12 lbs: ½-1.5 cups
13-20 lbs: 1.5-2.25 cups
21-50 lbs: 2.25-3.5 cups
51-100 lbs: 3.5-5.5 cups
100+ lbs: 5.5+ ½ cups for each 10 lbs over 100 lbs
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