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Salt Blocks  07/09/12 4:33:31 PM

310221 White Salt
Provides daily ration of sodium & chloride
Tough & weather resistant
Block Free Choice  
310224 Trace Mineral
Provides the amounts of Zinc, Cobalt,      Iodine, Manganese, & Copper for basic   animal health
Promotes weight gain, feeding efficiency, & overall herd performance
Weather resistant
Block Free Choice  
310222 Sulfur
Promotes the growth of cartilage, bones, & tendons
Supports hair & wool production
Weather resistant
Block Free Choice  
310223 Iodized
Promotes thyroid gland activity
Weather resistant
Block Free Choice  
310226 Rabon Fly Block
For beef cattle, lactating & non-lactating dairy cows, & horses
Feed early spring till fall when cold weather restricts fly activity
Block Free Choice
3 oz/1,000 lb/ head/day
310271 Stock Salt
May be added to salt hay
May be used as an additive in pet food     formulations
  Free choice  
310162 Water Softener      

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