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Cattle Information
Feeding Cattle in Drought Conditions
Are you having your cattle clean up old pastures, still on grass or are you starting to feed hay because they have nothing to eat. Maybe your cows are laying under the shade tree not drinking too much because the temperatures are high.
Do your cattle need to put some weight on because of the drought. West Central Agri Sevices offers a variety of products to help supplement your current forages and battle drought conditions: 14 % Bucket Rattler Cubes, 20% Super Cattle Cubes, or Cattle Charge.
Feed to cattle at 2 to 5 pounds per head per day depending on the quality of the roughage. Feed more of this feed with grass hay than with good alfalfa hay. And always have an adequate clean water supply.

Creep Feeding Pays
Don’t let tradition and light calves keep you from a better market. Stop by your local West Central Agri Services location and find the right feed for your farm.

It's time to reconsider creep feeding
By Dr. Dan Netemeyer
Today many producers elect not to creep feed their calves. There are several reasons for them to avoid it, but the two major issues are cost and the fact that creep-fed cattle sometimes grow too fleshy.

Since we are currently in drought conditions grass quantity and quality are suppressed due to the season or land limits,  Creep feeding is a good system to boost calves' growth toward their potential.

Creep feeding facilitates weaning by making the calf less dependent on its mother, plus it trains calves to eat. Bunk-broke calves have fewer problems after weaning.

Creep-fed heifers will cycle sooner and have better conception rates.

There  are many reasons in favor of creep feeding, and that's simply because we have removed those negative obstacles from the creep feeding equation.

 Producers have several options. Calves can be fed Cattle Charge with Bovatec through weaning. Depending on size/frame/genetics, this program can work very well in putting added weight gains on cost effectively. Or, our new option is to feed Cattle Charge until calves are eating 4 to 5 lbs. per head per day.


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