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West Central Agri Services

West Central Agri Services is an affiliate of MFA Inc, a midwest-based regional farm supply and marketing cooperative, serving more than five counties in Missouri and adjacent states. We offer the best products, services and careers in agriculture. 




Store Hours:

Monday :Friday: 8am to 5pm

Saturday: 8am to 12pm 
(depending on  weather.)

Sunday: Closed




Heat Stress
As we continue to pray for rain not only for the crops but our livestock herds, it's important to know the sign of heat stress and most importantly prevention.
Cattle, unlike other animals can not get rid of their body heat by sweating, they pant instead. Over heated cattle show signs of open mouth breathing, restlessness and slobbering. Heat stress can lead to weight gain and infertility. 
Ways to prevent heat stress include; clean, easily accessible water, sprinklers, shade, and probably the most important is cattle handling. It is not reccommended to work, move or handle cattle in extreme heat. 
Contact your local MFA about items such as sun shades and water tanks to help keep your herd cool this su







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