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Health Track  04/04/17 1:52:18 PM

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Adapting to Change

Adapting to significant changes in the beef industry is crucial to the survival of cattle producers.  MFA Health Track is one of the nation's leading Source, Age, and VAC 45 process verification programs.  We've been around for 11 years and have enrolled over 400,000 calves in the Health Track program.  Health Track calves are prepared to meet the demands of today’s beef industry.   This is especially important now that the most significant export markets are expanding rapidly.  Health Track calves will qualify under USDA’s BEV for Japan through MICRO PVP* certification and maintain that certification all the way through the supply chain.  There continues to be significant demand for Age and Source Verification (ASV) for export of beef products to Japan, and in fact is growing at a record pace.

What’s more, MFA Health Track enhances producer profitability by increasing net return per cow.  The proven Health Track program ensures healthy, cost efficient gain and provides cow/calf producers access to more information to ensure their calves meet high value industry targets.

Today, there are several feeder calf programs in the industry, but none compare to MFA Health Track. This unique program combines standardized nutrition, VAC 45 processing and Age and Source Verification.   If you're looking for a source of feeder calves that will start performing the minute they are unloaded and stay healthy, We’ve got you covered.

MFA PowerCalf

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