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Check out the videos from our 2014 open house. We had some top-notch presentations. In case you missed them, we have them here:

Intensive Wheat management                                      Nutri Track
Health Track                                                                 Beef Nutrition
Grain Outlook


 Trace Program
Click on this link for the written summary of the TRACE Program and Branding Demo TRACE (Anti-Theft) Program and Cattle Branding Demonstration and Information
Click on this link for the video  http://youtu.be/n4JGeeyPFX0
Click on the Link at the End of the Video for a written summary of the TRACE program and Branding Demo by Brandy Bettels - WCAS Summer Intern

Other Videos
Farm Bureau Crop Insurance Meeting from Feb. 2013

Grain Marketing Video - Options review with Drexel Ag Class

Precision Planting Videos
10 Steps to better planting
Upgrade your JD vac planter to E-set's.
comparison of planter monitors
understanding the effects of down pressure on your gauge wheels

What's new for Beef Producers
Beef Producer's forage, plant food and crop protection strategy video
See the related story in the latest Today's Farmer Magazine or Click link below:

MFA Videos
Click on the link below to view the latest MFA Video

Click on the link below to visit Today's Farmer You Tube page and view various videos.

Proud Past Bright Future
Click on the picture below to watch the videos.
There a 4 video segments.

Wheat Mangement Meeting Held in Rich Hill

West Central Ag Agronomist, Jason Worthington, speaks to the Ballard Sophomore FFA Class.
Sorry the volume is low, you will have to turn up your volume.  This was taken with a phone, not a camcorder

Click on Picture Above for a VIDEO on the History of MFA

Click on Picture Above for a Video of the MFA Foundation Scholarship Program

Agronomy Training Test Plot Video
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